Saturday, May 7, 2011

Tobias Makes Friends

Tobias is having an interesting life right now.  It started a couple of weeks ago, when two geese landed on his pond and stayed for a short visit with him.  He's also been visited by mallards and wood ducks. Then, a few days later, a single goose came into our field and the two ate and wandered around the field, together but a hundred feet apart, for two hours.

That single goose (or maybe a series of single geese, how would I know?) has been back many times.  Each time it came, it got closer to Tobias.  Finally, it spent an hour or more just hanging out right beside our pond with Tobias, seeming quite relaxed while the dogs trotted around and I did the chores outside.

Yesterday, I looked up in time to see three geese landing in the field.  This time, I decided to try to get a picture.  By the time I had set up the camera (in the house looking through the window), there were six geese in total, and I had missed seeing  the others arrive. Over the next hour, the geese ate and moved from spot to spot.  I couldn't keep track of them to see if they stayed in the same groups or not.  Then, there were a bunch of skirmishes and, again, I couldn't tell if one particular goose was being either the victim or the aggressor.  Finally, a group of three flew off, then another single one, leaving two to continue eating.  I assume one was Tobias and the other was his friend.

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