Sunday, May 8, 2011


I'm a daffodil collector, in a small way.  When I first started my garden, I put in a couple of dozen King Alfred daffodil bulbs, the standard yellow ones.  They did really well and multiplied like crazy.  They still bloom first of the daffodils and started flowering a few days ago.

A few years later, someone gave me a pot of Tete-a-tete bulbs.  There beauties are only a few inches high.  I still wasn't doing much flower gardening back then, but I put them into the ground and they've been blooming every year since, though they haven't multiplied.  They open just a day or two later than the King Alfreds, and their flower looks like a tiny copy.

The next gift I received was a few Ice Follies bulbs.  Their flowers have petals of a creamy, light yellow. 

Once I had three different daffodils in the garden, something happened to me.  I was hooked on them and started searching out more. I'm up to 15 varieties now.  (Actually, it's more than that, because I ordered a mixture once.)  I think it's time to stop adding new ones and take time to enjoy the one I have for a while.

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