Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Reading Buddies

Floyd just can't wait to go to school

Rural schools rely on community support.  Charles and I do our bit by volunteering in a program called "Reading Buddies" in our local elementary school.   In this program,children who aren't having a good time reading are put together one-on-one with adult volunteers who read with them and to them.  We go in once a week for a couple of months, and our goal is to help the kids realize that reading can be fun.  We usually have a pretty good time doing it, meeting some nice kids, and we think it's important.

"Isn't it time yet?"
Floyd has also been a Reading Buddy this year.  He's a very good school volunteer, making the kids feel loved and welcome, and being quiet and attentive during the reading.

On the way to class

Everyone's favourite Reading Buddy

Helping choose a book

Small schools all over the province are threatened with closure.  Ours was, back in 2004.  The whole community rallied and refused to let it close.  They fought, and in the end, they won.  Charles has documented this, and other B.C. school struggles, in his film, "School's Out?"  Part one of four is up on YouTube now and the other three parts will follow once a week.

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