Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Snowshoes, the Lazy Winter Sport

I love exploring on snowshoes.  You just put them on and go anywhere.  No need for expensive equipment or special trails or training.  Just go.  It's not so different from walking, not at all difficult.

Today, we walked along the creek (after chopping holes in the ice to test its thickness).  The creek is like a highway for the wild creatures.  We've seen tracks of fox, coyote, wolf, deer, moose, squirrel, rabbit, vole.  Everyone uses it as a road.  When I first saw all the tracks in the snow, I realized how isolated we humans are.  The forest is just teeming with life that we rarely see.

When you strap on your snowshoes and head off into the bush, you realize how much activity is going on around you.  It's one of winter's gifts, so enjoy it.  Be lazy.  Go out and play in the snow.

Charles enjoys the view

Floyd, Marion, Charlie, and Tobias

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