Saturday, July 30, 2011

Chick update

Charlie on watch, with the chicks nearby
There are still seven chicks living near the house.  Charlie has done a good job.  When the chicks were two months old, their mother abruptly abandoned them.  Usually, a mother hen will start roosting when her chicks are that age, but because they all live together in the barn, the little ones can still be near her.  This hen moved back into the barn, but her chicks stayed at their pen beside the house, so they are completely on their own.

Well, not quite on their own.  Obviously, they don't feel totally independent yet, because they've taken to sleeping in a huddle right beside Charlie's evening resting spot on the porch.  It's pretty cute to see him there with his chicks when I walk out the door.  We'll let them do this for a while more, because thate's still a danger from the ravens, but then we'll start herding them over to the barn.  We really don't enjoy having chicken shit around the porch.


  1. What a wonderful photograph! I love how they are all together but not.

  2. haha..too cute. I know what you mean about chicken shit near the porch..Our chickens liked to hang out near the porch because that was where our birdfeeder WAS located so they were always scrounging for sunflower seeds. Not cool.