Sunday, April 3, 2011

Living with the Seasons - Spring Fever

Living in the country, you pay more attention to the seasons of the year.  Off the grid, with livestock and a garden, it's impossible not to be in tune with the seasons.

The winter/spring transition is my favourite.  We're emerging from a quiet, dark, relaxed time.  All winter, I've been sleeping ten hours a night, reading lots of books, visiting friends, drinking wine, and my energy level has been quite low.  Now, as spring arrives, I realize that my energy hasn't deserted me, it's been dammed up, increasing, and the dam is about to burst.

As a society, we think of ourselves as something apart from nature.  We're fooling ourselves.  Look at the trees, with their sap starting to flow.  Look at the birds, migrating.  Look at the daffodil shoots, pushing their way up even under the snow.  They're all responding to the lengthening days.  Me, too.  Spring fever is about to hit!

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  1. Spring was flirting with us yesterday but winter is not going to let southern Manitoba least for awhile. We still have about 3 feet of snow in places and it is still coming down!