Saturday, April 9, 2011

Baling Twine

My egg basket

One thing that exists in superabundance on most farms is baling twine.  Over the years, I've tried many different ways to use the stuff so that it doesn't have to go into the landfill.  I use it, of course, for all sorts of repairs.  Here are some other things I've done with it:

  • Made it into a rope.  For this, I braided strands together, then braided the braids.
  • Used it in fencing.  I've tied up rails rather than nailing them.  I've also tried tying it into squares to replace page wire, but this was just too time-consuming.
  • Wove it into a porch mat.
  • Tied up all sorts of plants in the garden.
The most successful item I've made from baling twine is my egg basket.  To make this, I turned a mixing bowl upside-down to use as a form, then I wove the twine around it and braided a handle.  This basket will hold 2 dozen eggs and has been in daily use for well over a decade.  Once, I dropped it and some animal carried it off into the bush, where it was lost for six months.  It has so much history that I can't bear to part with it, even though it's looking pretty disreputable these days.

Baling-twine rope


  1. What a creative use for baling twine!

  2. Wow, what an excellent idea! Very practical and economical. I'd like to see the image when you've got it completed.