Saturday, March 26, 2011

Barnyard cleaning the lazy way

A dirty barnyard is bad for the health of the animals that live in it.  Foot rot and parasites, for example, can be problems because of having the animals standing in manure.  So, I need to clean.  How can I do it as lazily as possible?

Timing is critical in doing things the lazy way.  Today is a gorgeous early-spring day.  The sky is a brilliant blue; the snow is dazzlingly white.  It's far to nice to stay inside, but the snow is too soft and sticky for winter play.  It's a perfect day to clean up outside.

Attitude is also important.  I look at work with the wheelbarrow and fork as being a free fitness workout.  It also leaves my mind free to wander at will, either thinking things over or, more often, simply being in a "Be Here Now" kind of meditative state.

Here are my tips for keeping the barnyard cleaning lazy:
  • Keep few enough animals that one person can clean up after them all.  Getting in over your head is not the lazy way.
  • Don't make your animals eat in the summer where they poop in the winter.  (Mine free range, mostly.)  That way, you won't feel pressured to pick up every single turd.
  • Work at a nice, leisurely pace, taking time out often to admire the sky, visit with the animals, or listen to the birds.

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