Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Winter's Day

Winter, unless the cold is extreme, gives me lots of quiet time.  For me, a typical winter's day in 2020 goes as follows:

 6:00  Open the dampers on the stove; go back to bed for a cuddle while the water heats.

 6:30  Feed the cats, wash, make coffee.

 7:00  Sit drinking coffee and knitting by candlelight beside the woodstove.

 8:30 Milk the goats, feed the chickens, goats, sheep, horses.  By now, the sun is hitting the barn.

 9:00  Strain the milk and make cheese.

 9:30  Breakfast

10:00  Housework

11:00 Leisure.  Time for talking, visiting, going for a walk, drawing, working on a project, etc., then lunch.

 1:00  Afternoon outside chores, like hauling water, chopping wood.

 2:00  Leisure again.

 4:30  Milk and feed again.

 5:00  Dinner

 6:00  More leisure.  Talking, games, reading, visiting, stargazing, moonlight walks, etc., till bedtime.

Of course, we don't really time everything by the clock!

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